Meet the Makers: Jon Burgerman

Can you tell us what an average work day looks like?

10am: Enter to the lingering stench of underachievement. Open the windows, turn on the light, and if it’s the summer (which is it now), turn on all the fans. Make a mental note to weigh down all the loose pieces of paper before turning on the fan in the future. Pick up all the loose pieces of paper.

10.30-1.30pm: A heady mix of emails, doodling and staring out of the window longing for more time to do nothing with.

1.30-2pm: Some kind of overpriced, over packaged lunch.

2-2.05pm: Feel guilty about the lunch.

2.05-6pm: Fix things, break things, leave things dangling.

6-7pm: Think about all the projects and plans that have failed to inch forward that day, turn everything off and slink away to catch the G train.

What are you listening to at the moment?

My favourite thing (as off this week) is Beverly Glenn-Copeland‎– Keyboard Fantasies. Over the last few years I’ve been listening to a lot of old synth stuff. I like digital music that sounds analogue and human.What apps can’t you live without?

What kit/tools can you not live without?

Pens and paper bring such joy.
OP-1 by Teenage Engineering is an object of pure pleasure. Computer and phone – wonderful tools and malevolent forces.

What’s your favourite word and why?

‘Haebalagi’ – it’s the Korean word for sunflower. It’s fun to say (Heb-a-wraggie).

If you weren’t an illustrator, what other profession would you like to pursue?

I don’t really consider myself an illustrator (I can’t really remember my last proper illustration job – please someone give me one!). But if I wasn’t an art maker of some description or other, I think I’d either be a traffic cone (I like the bright orange ones) or a slice of pizza (cheese and tomato and basil and garlic).

Which graphic artists (dead or alive) have influenced your work?

None, my work is 100% completely original and pure. When I was a student I liked The Designers Republic, David Carson and Devil Robots, but I don’t know who I like anymore. There’s a lot of talent out there of course, but nothing that cuts through in a distinctive way.

What can people expect from your talk at thread?

Mumbling. Self Deprecation. Head scratching. Awkward silences. Full frontal nudity.
*Note: I’m of course joking about one of these things, but which one?!